What is Xeriscaping?

What Is Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping means designing a desert like landscape utilizing plants that thrive in the desert and do not require lots of water to maintain. Read on to learn of some xeriscaping ideas, particularly useful in Arizona.

Low Water Plants

There are almost countless water thrifty native or desert adapted plant species available at local nurseries.  They come in all shapes and sizes and serve a variety of purposes from shade to seasonal color to screening unsightly areas. Many low water use plants have beautiful flowers and are visually appealing. They will help you create a colorful, low-maintenance yard without burdening our limited water supply.

Turfed Areas

Although turf generally requires more water,  Small turf areas can be included with success into a Xeriscape if the planning, installation and maintenance is correct.


In the desert areas of Arizona, nearly all new plants should be watered on a regular basis to get them established; and most plants,need some form of irrigation once they become mature. The idea is to establish how much water your plants require and to apply only that amount. When your irrigation system is designed, try to put trees, shrubs, ground covers and turf areas each on different valves so you can time their irrigation individually. Most plants will need several waterings during their initial year. Usually, you can dial down the watering during the second and subsequent years, once the plants are established. Plants need less water during the cooler months. Adjust your irrigation schedule at least four times each year.


Plants thrive in our desert soil but drainage, and soil needs to be loosened at planting time to encourage healthy root growth. Soil amendments most likely will be needed for plants that consumer greater amounts of water.


Source: https://www.amwua.org/landscape/landscape_principles.html

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