Welcome to Arte Verde, we provide professional landscape design services in the surrounding Phoenix areas. We rank #1 in Arizona for landscaping services! View our list below of landscaping services we offer to Arizona residents.

Landscape Lighting

At Arte Verde, we are your go-to Landscape lighting company. From lighting up your landscaping to installing energy efficient lighting systems (LED), we can do anything! Our professional team of landscape lighting contractors transforms outdoor living space with custom landscape lighting. Custom designed landscape lighting helps the beauty of your yard shine, even through the night.

Patio Landscaping Design

Arizona gets nearly 300 days of sunshine per year, making it the perfect place to take advantage of your patio landscape. Your custom backyard can include outdoor fireplaces, outdoor showers, countertops (Granite, Tile, Slate and more), water features, patio lighting, fire pits, stone pool and patio decking, custom flooring, and built in barbeque pits.

Water Features

The perfect landscape design incorporates the right elements, that appeal to all 5 of your senses. Arizona landscapes have vibrant plants that appeal the eye and offer fragrances with a nice smell. Some gardens even incorporate plants and trees that produce fruit. Water features augment the landscape environment with soothing sounds of water and wet stone textures. With Arte Verde, your landscape will be in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Pond Services & Design

Arte Verde’s vision is to construct beautiful outdoor living environments which include outdoor ponds and water features. Who wouldn’t enjoy coming home everyday to their own vacation style desert oasis? We can build any shape, size or type of pond including koi ponds, Disappearing Water Falls/Streams, Ecosystem Ponds, Water Features, Fountains, & (Large, Medium & Small) Ponds.

Pond Installation

Adding a pond to your landscape offers a visual focal point and the wonderful sounds of flowing water.  This gives you an oasis to go and meditate, relax, and recover from the stresses of your daily responsibilities. Our ponds don’t use concrete underlayment like traditional swimming pools do. We use 50 mil rubber underlayment to ensure cost effectiveness and protection against leaks in your pond. We can also reconstruct poorly built ponds!  This means whether you’re starting new or wanting to repair an old pond, we can help.

Outdoor Kitchens

Cooking outside has grown beyond charcoal barbeque grills and open campfires of the past. Outdoor meal preparation was all about cooking on the grill while preparing side dishes inside of the home. Not anymore, now you can bring the cooking experience outdoors with a fully functional outdoor kitchen. Prepare your entire meal outdoors with your own custom outdoor kitchen.


We can build hardscape designs for your landscape to include paves areas, retaining walls, driveways, sleeper walls, water fountains and water features.

Outdoor BBQ Islands

Experience the same pleasure of eating out on the patio at your favorite Arizona restaurant, but bring it home into your own backyard. With stainless steel appliances and beautiful rock surfaces, your backyard will be transformed into the perfect outdoor kitchen space.

Xeriscape Design

Planning is a critical step to a successful Xeriscape because it allows you to install your landscape in phases, which can reduce initial expenses. Whether you seek assistance from a professional or create your own design, a properly designed Xeriscape can help meet your lifestyle needs in Arizona.

Desert Landscape Design

With Arte Verde, your desert landscape will be hand designed to give the landscape a more organic and natural feel. Your landscape’s architectural design, will be meticulously crafted by our highly skilled and creative designers, with technical expertise that comes from over a decade of landscape design experience.

Outdoor Fireplaces

During those cool Arizona nights, a backyard fire features seems to be the most popular outdoor feature in a lot of landscape design projects. Basically, a backyard fire pit, fire pot/bowl, or fireplace completes your landscape design project.

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