Backyard Pond Installation Cost 2022

Backyard Pond Installation Cost 2022

A backyard pond installation is going to cost an average of around $5,000 in 2022 in the US. Landscapers charge between $3 to $7 per sq ft for a pond installation. The usual complete price range is between $3,500 and $9,000, on the other hand a high-end pond can cost upwards of $10,000 to $15,000.

A backyard pond is the perfect place to take a break from a busy life and enjoy a little quiet time. The time ahead of pond installation, nevertheless, can be a little less than pleasant, as homeowners fret over the anticipated high costs of the endeavor. A backyard pond or koi pond doesn’t have to be a budget-buster. A moderately-sized pond with simple features can cost a few thousand dollars. Keep reading for a simplistic breakdown of the factors impacting pond installation.

Building a Pond: What’s Involved

Each pond is as unique as the landscape it’s being installed in. Having said that, there are some basic phases that go into the installation of any pond.

  • Excavation

Building a pond starts with excavation. A professional with a backhoe can make fast work of this phase of the project. The amount of labor necessary is measured by pond size and shape. Smaller ponds hold up to five hundred gallons of water, whereas medium sized ponds are between five hundred and fifteen hundred gallons and larger ponds hold fifteen hundred to three thousand gallons or more.

  • Liner

Materials used for lining a pond can include concrete, EPDM rubber, fiberglass, polyethylene, PVC, and polypropylene. The common pond liner is 45 mil EPDM rubber, which is lighter in weight, flexible, enduring, and moderately priced at $1.00 per sq ft. or less. PVC is also favorable and costs less but is more inclined to cracking. Another option is to have a pre-formed pond kit installed.

  • Equipment

While a liner is essential, other equipment, subject to how the pond is going to be used, might be added. A lot of ponds include a pond pump, a filtration system, drains, and other plumbing. When you’re building a koi pond, you will also want to purchase an ultraviolet sanitizer, a skimmer, and based on the climate you live in, possibly a heater. Other pond equipment comprises of a fountain and/or waterfall, a flow meter, rocks and plants for landscaping, possibly decking, the fish, and lighting.

  • Other Considerations

A pond that’s correctly installed, easily maintained, and provides maximum enjoyment starts with a thorough plan. The climate your live in, the physical aspects of your property, and where the pond is going to be located at, all play a vital role in how a pond needs to be designed. Whereas a contractor should be able to manage the implementation of a pond plan, they might not specialize in pond design. That facet of the project is best left to a professional landscaping contractor. Prior to choosing a company to build a plan, get an architectural design drawn up. You should also get in contact with your municipality and see if any special permits are going to be required for pond installation.

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