November Gardening And Landscape Checklist Arizona

November Gardening And Landscape Checklist Arizona

Enjoy these gardening and landscaping tips from our friends at the University of Arizona for the month of November in Arizona!


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Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance

With more than two-thousand various species of palm trees it is vital to understand how to take care of them. Keep reading to learn more.


It is important to take care of palm tree roots of as they don’t grow that deep in the ground. The majority of palms just have one trunk. The point at the top of the trunk in addition to the tissues surrounding it are called the terminal bud. If they get damaged, the palm tree could perish. Because the roots don’t thicken, they’re probably not going to damage utilities or sidewalks.


The compacted soil found in a lot of urban areas won’t have the nutrients required for a palm tree to live health. Palm trees acquire a majority of their nutrients from the topsoil and the top of the ground – Meaning adequate fertilization is needed.

Watering Requirements

New palms will need to be watered twice per week for their first six months. Enough water needs to be added to permeate at least eighteen inches of soil. If the soil is a sandy kind, extra water will need to be added to guarantee moisture is maintained. For older palm trees, watering requirements depends on the climate.


Just yellowing/ browning/ older fronds are required to be removed. Don’t trim too close to the trunk of the palm tree. The bark is damaged easily, and the ensuing wounds are entry points for pests and diseases. As new fronds emerge, the oldest ones die. An age that a frond can get to will be established by a lot of factors.

Potential Palm Tree Pests


North American thrips make up a significantly large family of insects. Some of their species have a liking for palm trees, feeding on their flowers and leaves by penetrating the surface to draw sap out. Thrips aren’t lethal to palm trees but the feeding of adults may discolor and wilt the leaves. Additionally, in intense infestations the unattractive black droppings may become noticeable on the surface of leaves.

Palmetto Weevil

This pest is found across Florida, as west as southern Texas and as north as South Carolina. This weevil is North America’s largest. This nuisance has a liking primarily for the Cabbage Palm Tree even though it may infest Saw Palmettos and, sometimes, Canary Island Date Palms, Washington Palms, Royal Palms, and occasionally coconut palms.

Royal Palm Bug

These pest feed on just one plant, the royal palm tree, and females lay one egg a day throughout springtime. They seldom kill off the host tree but the damage they cause may be unattractive and they are challenging to control given the height of older royal palms. Royal Palm Bugs are the only North American species of the Thaumastocoridae family.

Palm Budworm

This annoyance is a type of beetle whose larvae feed on the flowers of a large range of fan palm trees. The beetles are about an inch long and are pink green in its color.

Giant Palm Borer

The giant palm borer is a large and quite unsightly beetle of which larvae have a liking for the wood of the Washingtonia and Phoenix species. The borer grubs live inside of a palm’s trunk sometimes up to 9 years prior to leaving the palm as beetles through inch-sized holes.

Palm Tree Diseases


Lethal Yellowing

This is a palm disease first observed in the Caribbean area of North America around 100 years ago. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the 50’s and a disastrous outbreak in Jamaica and the Florida Keys that the financial impact of lethal yellowing was recognized, and comprehensive research begun.

Fusarium Wilt

Indicators of this disease are when the palm fronds start wilting, losing their green brilliance and, ultimately, dying. When a palm tree gets infected, there’s no remedy and the palm tree might need to be taken out.

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How Much Does Xeriscaping Cost?

Xeriscaping is an increasingly popular form of gardening without the need for water. The whole purpose behind this is to incorporate plants that are drought-proof into your garden. This enables home gardeners to shift the plant life around, while still efficiently utilizing water consumption. So, how much does xeriscaping cost on average?

The term Xeriscaping originated from the Greek word “xeros,” which means “dry.” The term “scape,” of course, means to garden within patterns.

National average pricing to have xeriscaping performed on your yard can be costly, ranging between $16,000 to $18,000. Typical homeowners spend upwards of $17,000 on average, per 1,200 square feet. This gardening process includes positioning shrubs, plants, and rocks to conserve more water.

Installation Cost of Xeriscaping

National cost on average $17,000
Average price range $16,000 to $18,000
Lowest Xeriscaping pricing $6,000
Highest Xeriscaping pricing $24,000

Xeriscaping Pricing Per Hour

It is highly recommended to hire a professional to perform any xeriscaping needs. Along with plant and ornamental movements, this process looks to achieve ideal conservation of water. For example, experts will configure placement of rocks and utilize hardscaping to work the water into different areas. The average cost of booking a landscaping professional to perform xeriscaping can typically range from $50 to $100 per hour.

The first step in the process is determining proper irrigation systems that can be used and installed. After this step is completed, specific plants are chosen by the professional landscaper. Placing these plants in certain areas is necessary. Ensuring that all rock and boulder placement is up to par, providing optimal assistant to the plants, is another key to xeriscaping. The final step is hardscaping and placing light fixtures around the garden area.

Xeriscaping Pros and Cons 

When it comes to the idea of having xeriscaping performed on your property, most people assume it is maintenance-free. This is not the case whatsoever. During the first couple years, there is some maintenance that is required, plus the use of your irrigation system. The reason for this occasional upkeep is to ensure that strong roots developed. Check the garden constantly for any weeds that may grow. Weeds can hinder your garden’s overall growth, of course. You should also do basic maintenance, such as pruning your plants and applying mulch when needed. Landscaping professionals do offer Xeriscaping maintenance services, although it can range between $50 to $100 per hour.

Xeriscaping Additional Costs and Considerations

  • Xeriscaping can be a full-blown professional project or a partial DIY project. A few things need to be picked out, including the layout and specific type of plants, hardscaping, and irrigation system.
  • Before hiring a Xeriscaping professional you should get three to five estimates from professional contractors.
  • If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact Arte Verde today!

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Landscaping Tips for August In Arizona

Landscaping Tips for August In Arizona

August is turning out to be very hot indeed in Arizona with absolutely zero respite from the so-called monsoon season which so far has not transpired! Read on to learn some tips to keep your landscaping and garden in tip top shape.

  • August fertilization will benefit many plants struggling to have a flush of growth before slowing down for the winter.
  • Cut off spent blooms to stimulate re-blooming.
  • Imported and native heat tolerant plants can be planted. They will need to be watered on a regular basis until fall.
  • Transplant palms in the heat of the summer.
  • Protect newly transplanted trees from dust storms and heavy winds by staking.
  • Apply nitrogen fertilizer to your fall ripening fruit trees to boost fruit size.
  • Apply zinc and nitrogen to pecan trees to produce normal size leaf growth and to enhance kernel development.
  • Increase water to your landscape plants as the weather warms.
  • Apply mulch to the ground around the base of heat sensitive plants keep the roots cooler and prevent evaporation. Keep the mulch several inches away from the trunk.
  • Apply chelated iron to plants with iron deficiency symptoms.
  • Plant Bermuda lawns during the active growing season.
  • Once every two or three years de-thatch Bermuda lawns if necessary. This enables the turf to quickly recover.
  • Apply one inch of water per week to Bermuda lawns at a minimum.
  • Raise the mowing height to 2.5 to 3 inches during the warmer months to keep the moisture in the soil.
  • Plant Seeds: Snap Beans, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Corn, Cucumbers, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce (Head & Leaf) Leeks, Mustard, Green Onions and Summer Squash
  • Keep your garden covered to prevent excessive heat and sun.
  • Cut back on fertilizing established roses to encourage plants to slow down for the hot summer. Water deeply as temperatures climb. Hose off plants in the early morning to increase humidity and control spider mites.

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Arizona Landscaping Ideas

If you are searching for “Arizona Landscaping Ideas” for your front or back yard, this post should help! Furthermore, if you are looking for landscape designers near you, Arte Verde is Phoenix’s & Scottsdale’s premier Desert landscape designer!

Arizona Landscaping Ideas For Front & Back Yards

Backyard BBQ Islands & Backyard Kitchens

Outdoor Patio KitchenBackyard BBQ IslandOutdoor BBQ PitOutdoor KitchenOutdoor Kitchen & BBQ PitOutdoor Kitchen With BBQ PitOutdoor Kitchen With CountertopBackyard BBQ PitOutdoor Kitchens

Putting Greens

Artificial Turf - Putting Greens Artificial Turf (2) Artificial Turf With Stone Blocks

Putting Green


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Water Fountains & Water Features

Water Feature With Waterfall Small Water Feature Pond Waterfall Multilevel Waterfalls  Water Fountain With Tile Backsplash Water Features Water Features (2) Water FeatureWater Fountain

Waterfountain (2) Waterfall (2) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Water Fountain Waterfountain (3)  Waterfountain Waterfountain Waterfountain

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting TallLandscape Lighting 2Landscape Lighting PatioLandscape Lighting Wide

Backyard Ponds & Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants (3) Backyard Koi Pond (2) Pond & Waterfall  Aquatic Plants (6) Aquatic Plants (5) Aquatic Plants Backyard Koi Pond (3) Backyard Koi Pond (4) Backyard Koi Pond  Water Fountain Pouring Into Pond Aquatic Plants (2) Aquatic Plants (4)

Outdoor Firepits

Outdoor Firepit Outdoor Firepit Outdoor Firepit (4) Outdoor Firepit (5)

More Arizona Landscaping Ideas For Front & Back Yards

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Arizona Landscape Design By Arte Verde

Arte Verde is Phoenix’s & Scottsdale’s premier Desert landscape designer! Learn more about our landscape design services in Phoenix and Scottsdale.


The work that Andy did for us was spectacular. We have a large property and the landscaping was overgrown, messy, and basically had no design. After interviewing Andy, and three other companies, I was optimistic that he would turn our messy yards into beautiful desert gardens. He was there for every step, making sure that things got done right and in a timely manner. We are thrilled with the outcome! I particularly like his use of lighting and highly recommend the “surface select boulders” that added a lot of interest to different areas of the landscape. Everything is just beautiful with hummingbird flower gardens, and landscaping design that enhanced our pool. Andy’s attention to detail is what impressed me the most. He truly is an artist. I definitely give Andy and Arte Verde five stars.

Nancy M

We decided to use Andy to redesign our yard because he truly thinks like an artist. He turned our yard into a beautiful desert landscape while keeping maintenance to a minimum and enhancing the beautiful plants with lighting and boulders. He was easy to work with and needed little guidance to achieve exactly what we envisioned. Andy also built a fire pit which again blends with the landscape, and turned out just as we wanted. He is easy to work with, dependable, and produces exactly what he promises. Andy has true passion for his work, which shines through in the results. Highly recommend!

Lou Ann D

Knowing we wanted to redo our landscape, for several years I followed landscape designers in Phoenix Home and Garden magazine, paying close attention to photos of homes and who landscaped them I found 3 designers I thought were outstanding.

We chose Arte Verde to do the work. Andy Page designed a very large, difficult landscape for our front yard. It was very barren, flat and had several drainage problems as well as a virtually unusable patio. We told him we wanted a lush Sonoran desert landscape that would have flowers somewhere nearly year-round. He created a breath taking design but we opted for a few changes…

Mike D

Andy/Arte Verde designed a lovely, natural desert landscape for our front and back yard. Two years later it is still beautiful and we get many compliments about how artistic it is. We just started using their maintenance services and they are doing a nice job of keeping it neat.