The work that Andy did for us was spectacular. We have a large property and the landscaping was overgrown, messy, and basically had no design. After interviewing Andy, and three other companies, I was optimistic that he would turn our messy yards into beautiful desert gardens. He was there for every step, making sure that things got done right and in a timely manner. We are thrilled with the outcome! I particularly like his use of lighting and highly recommend the “surface select boulders” that added a lot of interest to different areas of the landscape. Everything is just beautiful with hummingbird flower gardens, and landscaping design that enhanced our pool. Andy’s attention to detail is what impressed me the most. He truly is an artist. I definitely give Andy and Arte Verde five stars.

Susan C

We are thrilled with the magnificent job Andy and ArteVerde did with our landscaping. I am impressed with the attention to detail and how Andy was there every step of the way to make sure everything was done right and in a timely manner. I highly recommend getting the “surface select” boulders as well as his lighting design. Truly artistic. Also, his choice of plants are both beautiful and low water usage. Andy went above and beyond to make sure the outcome was perfect.